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Our Clients

Providing Unparalleled Advantages for Our Clients and the Markets.

The power of one of the world’s largest market makers means we are here for you when and where you need us.

Any trade, in multiple asset classes, according to your parameters.

Hedge funds, long-only portfolio managers, banks, corporations, algorithmic traders and the retail investors represented by our broker-dealer clients all have different needs, time horizons and definitions for what constitutes a high-quality execution. Small lots or large blocks, on- or off-exchange, quietly or instantly, KCG understands how to get the best trade done, for everybody.

Anytime you want it. 

With electronic access, trading and service desks in international locations, and 24-hour support, we have you covered. KCG has established a global infrastructure and team, because borders and time zones should not be barriers to fluid, around-the-clock trading.

Anywhere we are in the global markets, for clients around the world. 

We trade every equity security in the U.S. markets. We have a deep understanding of the market microstructures across Europe. And we have helped to transform non-equity markets by porting technology and functionality from equities to other asset classes. 

Whatever our clients needs, wherever they are, we stand ready to help them. 

Our clients count on us to deliver principled performance, efficiency and unrivaled value. KCG is a publicly-traded, transparent and well-capitalized firm, and we are committed to the effective management of risk across operations, finance and technology to be able to meet our commitments and responsibly serve our clients. 

We know our clients have many choices for trade execution, and so we distinguish ourselves through strong relationships and a focus on meeting their needs. We thank our clients for placing their trust in KCG.