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What moves us.

Our new New York headquarters—custom built for us, with you in mind.

We’ve brought the talent and technology from our two largest East Coast offices together in one location. 

But it’s more than just a physical move. It represents both a commitment to our founding vision and an opportunity to further optimize our operations to meet the challenges and pursue the opportunities the future will bring.

A more cohesive and effective KCG

Our business relies on effective communication—with each other within and across functional boundaries, with our technology and business partners, with the markets here and around the world and, most important, between our clients and their counterparties.

Consolidating our trading, technology, and support teams under one roof will streamline and enhance these communications channels and create synergies that will ripple across our organization and client relationships. The result will be an even stronger, more responsive, and more forward looking KCG. For us and for you.

  • Creating an atmosphere of deep collaboration 
    Bringing all of our teams together will make us more agile, allow us to scale more intelligently, and foster an atmosphere of even greater cross-discipline collaboration.
  • Immersed in a community of opportunity and innovation 
    We put ourselves at the center of New York’s growing tech sector, so we can access the industry’s best talent and leverage the energy and optimism of a growing and prospering lower Manhattan community.
  • Realizing the promise of our founding vision
    This consolidation gets us closer to completing the vision we’ve had since Day 1: To create a new model trading firm that’s innovative, efficient, flexible, and robust enough to meet the demands of today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving markets.

A headquarters designed with wellness in mind

Our focus on employee health and wellness means we designed the headquarters to take full advantage of the space and incorporate features that enhance our employees’ well-being. The new space, which is WELL Certified at the Gold level includes:

  • Access to natural light for all employees;
  • Energy efficiency through a completely automated temperature control system;
  • Daylight harvesting, which controls lighting and shades throughout the space;
  • Air and water filtration systems;
  • Ergonomic furniture which meets sustainability standards; and
  • Flexible working arrangements, which include open collaboration spaces, huddle rooms, and sit-stand desks.