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A Vital Source of Liquidity in the Fragmented U.S. Equity Market

KCG generates deep liquidity and applies sophisticated trading technologies to the trade execution process. We continually seek to meet client-defined measures for best execution. Clients also benefit from reduced trading friction and high fulfillment rates.

When liquidity isn’t immediately available, KCG may commit capital as a market maker or route orders to more than 100 exchanges, ECNs, dark pools, ADFs, MTFs and other brokers.

Market Share

  • Market making and trading in more than 19,000 U.S. Equities
  • A leading market maker in retail U.S. equity shares traded of exchange-listed and over-the-counter (OTC) stocks
  • A leading broker across all segments of the U.S. equity market by share volume
  • Market making and trading across global equities, futures, options, fixed income, currencies and commodities

Sources: KCG, Thomson Reuters

Trade Volumes

New York, N.Y. – April 17, 2017 – KCG Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: KCG) today released trade volumes for the month of March 2017.

In Market Making, KCG averaged $26.3 billion dollar volume traded, 10.4 billion shares traded, and 3.3 million trades per day in U.S. equities.

In Global Execution Services:

  • KCG Institutional Equities averaged 206.0 million U.S. equity shares traded per day
  • KCG BondPoint averaged $282.9 million fixed income par value traded per day

As for the overall market conditions in March, consolidated U.S. equity volume averaged $269.5 billion in dollar volume and 6.9 billion shares traded per day. The realized volatility for the S&P 500 was 6.3.

In March there were 23 trading days in U.S. equities and in fixed income.

March 2017 Monthly Highlights March-17 February-17 March-16
Average daily U.S. Equity Market Making dollar volume traded (in $ millions) 26,266 28,046 25,958
Average daily U.S. Equity Market Making trades (in thousands)
National Market System (NMS) trades 3,259 3,388 3,706
Over-The-Counter (OTC) Bulletin Board and OTC Market trades 54 62 34
Total Average Daily Trades 3,312 3,450 3,740
Average daily U.S. Equity Market Making shares traded (in millions)
NMS shares traded 966 1,007 1,029
OTC Bulletin Board and OTC Market shares traded 9,433 9,940 4,096
Total Average Daily Shares Traded 10,398 10,947 5,125
KCG Institutional Equity U.S. equities shares traded (in millions)
Average daily KCG Institutional Equities U.S. equity shares traded 206 217 239.3
KCG BondPoint fixed income par value traded (in $ millions)
Average daily KCG BondPoint fixed income par value traded 282.9 274.6 215.6

Historical Volumes

Current Monthly Volume Statistics

Download updated Trade Volumes dating back to January 2014 in a single Microsoft Excel® document.

KCG Institutional Equities average daily U.S. National Market System (NMS) equity share volume represents trading on behalf of clients covering algorithmic trading and high touch sales trading in single stocks, ETFs and programs. Average realized intraday volatility for the S&P 500 is calculated by dividing the difference between the intraday high and low by the midpoint of the high and low.