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KCG Careers

A career that starts here can go anywhere.

We reach out to campuses across the country—conducting information sessions and sponsoring school events—looking for students who display outstanding abilities and have track records of exceptional accomplishments. But we’re also looking for something more: great people who share our personal and professional values.

Are you KCG?

KCG-ers are a diverse group, but they all share a few core traits. They’re smart, funny, and considerate of others. They’re not afraid to challenge the status quo or fail on the way to a big breakthrough. They’re good leaders and great team players. And it’s possible that you’re a lot like them. Meet a few of our team members in the video below.



What we look for

KCG has three core business areas, each of which calls for different qualifications.

  • Market Making
    Our market making team comprises quantitative analysts, trading teams, and  developers. Our quantitative analysts use statistical research to analyze large data  sets, finding new signals for our traders and software engineers. They take these  signals and develop new computational trading algorithms. Our trading teams use  mathematical and computational techniques, combined with quantitative and  statistical research, to analyze large data sets to find new signals for developing new  trading algorithms. Our developers have strong fundamental programming skills and a  passion for programming languages.
  • Trading Services
    Our salespeople and traders help clients trade electronically or help manage their orders. Because they’re always focused on meeting client needs, successful salespeople tend to be adaptable, friendly, inclined to think ahead, and committed to putting their clients’ interests first.
  • Trading Venues
    KCG’s trading venues teams are a combination of developers, traders, and salespeople. They have fundamental programming and analytical skills, are easy to work with, and always put their clients’ interests first.

Interning at KCG

Our internship program is the foundation of our full-time recruiting efforts. Interns work alongside seasoned professionals and gain unique insight into the experience of full-time employees. Some even lay the foundation for the rest of their careers: Successful interns are often invited back for a full-time position following graduation.

  • What we look for
    Specific requirements vary by team, but in general we look for applicants with:
    • A strong GPA and track record of exceptional achievement
    • Proven interest in the financial markets and understanding of financial concepts and principles
    • Exceptional quantitative, analytic, and problem-solving skills
    • Extraordinary mental flexibility and a high tolerance for ambiguity
    • Strong drive to succeed within a collaborative team
  • A typical day
    • 9 a.m.: Arrive before market open. Check in with mentor. Participate in morning call. Grab breakfast in the kitchen.
    • 10 a.m.: Morning huddle with intern classmates to discuss project progress and events for the week.
    • 10:15 to 4:30 p.m.: Work alongside mentor and teams throughout the day, assisting however possible. Ask for help or feedback on project progress or daily tasks performed and executed.
    • 6:00 p.m.: Enjoy the evening with your mentors at a KCG-sponsored social event—like a trip to a local baseball game or bowling alley for some well-deserved downtime.

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Career trajectories

One thing recent grads love about us? Our commitment to career growth and advancement within the firm. Below are a few team members who joined the firm relatively early on in their careers. While their skills and interests vary, all have grown and taken on increasing levels of responsibility over time.

  • Meet Dewey

    • Joined as an entry-level quant after receiving a PhD.
    • Developed a prop-trading strategy within six months.
    • Led R&D effort to improve multiple high-frequency models.
    • Became recognized as a thought leader.
    • Given increasing responsibility every year.
    • Now heads up the largest prop-desk with 6+ strategists under him.
    • Current position: Quant Manager
  • Meet Bill

    • Joined KCG as a business analyst for the equities businesses following a short stint as a consultant.
    • Spent time supporting various products and asset classes.
    • Given responsibility for the business management of the electronic trading business.
    • Current position: Business Manager
  • Meet AJ

    • Joined KCG right out of college as a trading assistant on the block desk.
    • Continued to gain responsibilities, and was recognized by his peers.
    • Was recently asked to help revamp the ETF desk.
    • Current position: ETF Trader
  • Meet Brad

    • Joined KCG right out of college as a sales assistant on the institutional equities sales desk.
    • Continued to increase his responsibility and became recognized as a leader on the team.
    • Moved to Boston and now covers some of our largest institutional accounts.
    • Current position: Sales Trader
  • Meet Jason

    • Joined as an entry-level quant after getting a master’s degree.
    • Started in client market-making group, focused on analyzing and improving client execution.
    • Made breakthrough discovery and translated it into a successful prop strategy.
    • Moved to leadership role to manage his strategy.
    • Has led multiple group-wide efforts to expand into new asset classes, instruments, and venues.
    • Current position: Quant Strategy Owner
  • Meet Mohammed

    • Previously worked at Google, but wanted a role with more engineering freedom.
    • Took on key projects in first year.
    • Quickly became one of the most productive team members.
    • Within three years, became an architect and a recognized expert.
    • Actively chose to remain an individual contributor (not managing direct reports).
    • Current position: Developer/Architect
  • Meet Caryn

    • Joined as an executive assistant for the broker-dealer sales group.
    • Took interest and initiative in the business, specifically the selling process.
    • Moved to a junior sales position on the KCG BondPoint team.
    • Has worked within the BondPoint group for seven years and is now one of the more seasoned salespeople within the group.
    • Current position: Salesperson
  • Meet Erica

    • Majored in political science in college and was a Division 1 NCAA Lacrosse All-American and three-time Final Four participant.
    • Joined the electronic trading team in 2007, selling access to within our market making business.
    • Led the effort to re-launch our Knight Match ATS.
    • She is now a relationship manager for many of the firm’s top accounts.
    • Current position: Relationship Manager