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KCG Acknowledge

More than just liquidity.

KCG Acknowledge combines all of the benefits of advanced technology with something often overlooked in today’s high-speed electronic trading environment: the accountability and transparency of a direct, ongoing relationship with a responsible trading partner.

With KCG Acknowledge, we are your sole counterparty to every trade. We’re providing principal liquidity, which allows us to deliver on our long-term commitments to our clients in equities, fixed income and FX.

Don’t just connect, make a lasting connection.

As market complexity has increased options for trading have multiplied, but liquidity can be harder to find. A trusted partner who can offer broad and deep liquidity is more valuable than ever. KCG Acknowledge means you can spend less time searching, because we’re bringing quality execution directly to you.

Exceptional accountability.

Because we have an ongoing, one-to-one relationship—and because KCG is your counterparty on every fill—we make sure you have the metrics you need and you are satisfied with pricing and execution quality. We’re there for you, not just for a particular transaction, but trade after trade.

This means working openly with you and calibrating your strategies to help you get the results you’re looking for, consistently and with confidence, over the long term.

Make our experts yours.

KCG is one of the world’s largest market makers, built on substantial investments in technology, analytics and systems, and in the people who make us leaders. Our traders, analysts, technologists, and client service teams are here to create solutions for your unique business and execution challenges. These experts work proactively to understand your objectives and workflow, continuously fine-tuning our trading interactions, systems, and technology to help you meet your goals.