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Trading Services

Helping Clients Achieve Their Best Ways to Trade

Through KCG’s Global Execution Services, clients have access to sophisticated algorithms and experienced trading desks to access liquidity, maintain anonymity and minimize market impact. Regardless of how or what our clients want to trade, our liquidity experts help our clients determine the best way to do it.

Algorithmic Services

Algorithmic Services by KCG include a suite of execution algorithms for clients who want to control their access to the markets with superior algorithmic tools.

Our client execution algorithms were developed based on our own advanced technology and liquidity-sourcing strategies, as well as by determining our clients’ needs and building the products around them. With KCG’s web of connectivity and our superior algorithmic and routing capabilities, clients can efficiently and effectively fill their orders.

Institutional Trading and Services

KCG’s trading desks and client service teams stand ready to help clients with trading solutions in the U.S. and European equities markets. KCG’s Institutional Trading team uses experience and market insight to trade on the client’s behalf. We have access to buy- and sell-side order flow and provide capital facilitation when necessary. 

With KCG’s unique liquidity, we have particular expertise in harder-to-trade small- and mid-cap equities and in Exchange Traded Funds. KCG also offers a range of services to support clients that come to us for both electronic and voice trading, including corporate access and commission services.

This is a business built on long-standing relationships. We are known for, and pride ourselves on, providing exceptional client service. As strategic partners, we assist our clients in finding liquidity regardless of whether they use our algorithms or the trading desk. Let KCG help you determine the trading strategies that can best meet your trading goals.