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KCG MatchIt

KCG MatchIt is an ATS that operates in the United States and is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. MatchIt is an anonymous crossing venue that brings together a variety of sources of non-displayed liquidity from broker-dealers. These sources include liquidity providers, institutional brokers, KCG’s client market making business, KCG proprietary flow, DMA flow from third-party broker-dealers, and algorithmic order flow from third-party broker-dealers and KCG Electronic Trading.

KCG MatchIt operates as a neutral venue. MatchIt does not onward route orders that do not match within the ATS. MatchIt does not maintain a visible order book of any kind or utilize IOIs in any way.

KCG MatchIt is operated by KCG Americas LLC ("KCGA"), a wholly owned broker-dealer subsidiary of KCG Holdings, Inc. KCG is a member of FINRA, SIPC, and most national securities exchanges.

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Quick Facts

Clearing #: 295
Matching Engine Location: NY5
Market Data: DIRECT (exc. CHX & NSX)
Execution Protocol: Price/Time
Execution Fee: 0.001/share *

* The default rate for external MatchIt subscribers is .001/share. Broker dealer subscribers providing their clients with DMA or sponsored access to MatchIt may be charged a different rate.